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The fiction of author Octavia Randolph abide here.


The Anglo-Saxons
If you speak English, you are their heirs
The Creation of a Pattern Welded Blade: A Tutorial by Robert P. Shyan-Norwalt
The Creation of a Pattern Welded Blade (Part 2)
The Creation of a Pattern Welded Blade: Resources and Bibliography
Early English Architecture: The Buildings of the Anglo-Saxons, 450 CE to 1066
Wyrd: The Role of Fate
The Coin of the Realm
Who King Arthur Fought, and Why
Neat Stuff about Swords and Warriors
Slavery in Anglo-Saxon England
Advice to Bridegrooms
Anatomy of a sword
Giving Voice: The Naming of Things
Morgen-gifu: The Bride’s Morning Gift
Pattern welded swords
Snoozed Through History Class?
The War Band
The War Kit
Wattle and Daub
Women’s Rights in Anglo-Saxon England ~ Why They Were Much Greater than You Think
Wyrd: The Role of Fate

Travel Kit
A few things you might like to know
before your journey to Anglo-Saxon England.
Domesday Book
A Painless and Brief Historical Background
Funny Alphabets
Your Legal Rights Under Ælfred, King of Wessex
How to speak our names
Anglo-Saxon Place Names

9th Century Life
The Importance of Sheep
How to Wash a Sheep
Sliding Between the (Flaxen) Sheets
Medieval Clothing
Cosmetic Adornment
Parchment and Vellum
Pastimes and Games of the Anglo-Saxons
Wool-fat, or lanolin

Herbal Healing and Charms
Effective Herbalism

The Vikings
The Age of the Vikings: circa 800 to 1100
Where and Why they Traded and Raided

The Conflict of the Gods
The Gods Loki, Tyr, Thor and Odin
The Goddesses Freyja, Frigg, Sif, and Idunn
English Treasure on Gotland
Summer Solstice in Iceland
A Tiny Bit About Icelandic History
The Saga of Gudridur
The Árni Magnússon Institute
In the Saga Country
Huldufolk – the Hidden Folk, and Trolls

Modern Reykjavik
Scandinavian Archetypes in North American Imaginations: From Beowulf to Alicia Vikander
Sold!: Viking Slavery
Viking Ball Games

Historical background on this 11th c. Anglo-Saxon aristocrat, and how her story grew through the centuries
A journey to modern day Coventry
Octavia’s retelling of the story of Lady Godiva: Ride


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