I don’t spend all my time in the Ninth Century. (Much, but not all.) When I am not writing historical fiction or essays on Washing Sheep I oftentimes wend my way through the Labyrinth that is my studio and create mosaics or needlework. It’s interesting to me that I enjoy these two very different materials – fibres, which are generally soft, and the hard stuffs from which mosaics are built. But I realize that both art forms are incremental – small piece by small piece – just like writing a novel.

I’d like to share with you a few of the mosaics I’ve made, along with some technical information on their creation. Just click on the link of the piece you would like to see. To view my needlework, just click here.

Roman Fish Mosaic
And Then the Crow Flew Away With a Strand of My Hair
Have a Nice Bath
Tea Coaster