A History of the Anglo-Saxons in England

The action of The Circle of Ceridwen Book One takes place in 871, when most of Britain was a series of small, warring Anglo-Saxon nations. The first recorded Viking attack on Britain was in 793, but incursions remained sporadic until 865, when they increased in frequency and severity.

By 871 four of the seven Anglo-Saxon nations had been overrun by the Danes. Ælfred, at the age of 22, was named King of Wessex, one of the remaining kingdoms, in that same year. After a series of battles (many of which he lost) he was able to stop the advancing Danes that Summer, thus laying the groundwork for his later consolidation and defence of the country.

For more on the history and ways of Ælfred and his people, see the Anglo-Saxons and Your Legal Rights under Travel Kit.

If you can stand a bit more history, you might enjoy “Snoozed Through History Class?”

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  • Sam Jones October 27, 2015, 2:55 pm

    Both my wife, Ronda, and I thoroughly enjoyed the four books of Ceridwen and her life. We enjoyed finding
    the maps of their travels, and especially Gotland. We think is would be a wonderful place to live.

    We can hardly wait for Book five.

    • Octavia October 27, 2015, 5:04 pm

      Leof Sam and Rhonda! (hailing you in Old English)

      I am always happy when couples write to me, to know that you have shared the books in this way, and so I thank you for telling me so. As far as Gotland, I promise it is as wonderful in reality as you imagine! Book Five also takes place there, and it is a dream to one day sponsor a trip to Gotland for interested readers… I find it a truly magical island. Thank you for your eagerness for Book Five. It is a great encouragement to me knowing it shall find a good home…
      wes thu hal (be whole and hearty)

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