Anglo-Saxon Place Names, with Modern Equivalents

NewMap872Æscesdun = Ashdown
Æthelinga = Athelney
Basingas = Basing
Caeginesham = Keynsham
Ceodre = Cheddar
Cippenham = Chippenham
Cirenceaster = Cirencester
Cruland = Croyland
Defenas = Devon
Englafeld = Englefield
Ethandun = Edington
Exanceaster = Exeter
Hamtun – Southhampton
Hamtunscir = Hampshire
Hreopedun = Repton
Jorvik (Danish name for Eoforwic) = York
Legaceaster = Chester
Limenmutha – mouth of the Lymne
Lindisse = Lindsey
Lundenwic = London
Meredune = Marton
Sceaftesburh = Shaftesbury
Snotingaham = Nottingham
Sumorsaet = Somerset
Swanawic = Swanage
Wedmor = Wedmore
Witanceaster (where the Witan, the King’s advisors, met) = Winchester

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