The Creation of a Pattern Welded Blade  Resources and Bibliography

By Robert P. Shyan-Norwalt Very well illustrated article by Gerard Paul. Stateside blade maker’s site. Great pattern welder and overall blade-smith. Stateside blade maker’s site. Jake Powning, maker of hand forged swords and knives. Jake Powning’s swords Artist Peter Powning, writer photographer Beth Powning and swordsmith Jake Powning Great site from beginner to advanced.  Bladesmiths of all kind can learn from these guys. Antique sword / smallsword photo Can’t go wrong with Pat Kelly. Oakeshott Type X Swords Nice little summary for beginners. One of the best period  sites around.  Wonderful documentation. Swords and Daggers until the Eighteenth Century One of my threads.  Seax pics. My new Byzantine pauldron and armoured sleeve Links for Reenactors and other Viking/Saxon enthusiasts. Mokume Gane Patterns Attention Glen C. and Patrick Hastings Godfred Destructive Testing Pattern welded lang seax Medieval Combat and Weapons : Another blade close up Western and Japanese Swords Damascus Steel Rings Sites about Damascus Steel, forge and knives. Wootz Steel: An advanced material of the ancient world. Pioneer on level with Jan Peterson. Mechanical Damascus: Pattern Welding Mediæval Sword Virtual Museum The only factory authorized dealer of Damasteel in the United States. Dark Ages Metalwork Society of American Silversmiths : Wood Grained Metal: Mokume-Gane Devin Thomas Damascus: All Stainless Damascus Performance Bladeware by Master Bladesmith Wally Hayes Great folder-fantasy maker, with a few period pieces.  Highly recommended. Ancient Arms Store Mosaic pattern Damascus Hy Alloy Steels Types of swords. Fair definition of Pattern welding. Quebec Metal Powders (QMP) : Iron & Steel Powders ME-2 Digital or Analog Rockwell Hardness Tester Film: The Birth of a Sword Stories of hand -made artifacts: Stories of the disappearing world of traditional hand crafts. Matherton Forge Raven Armoury Book: Swords of the Viking Age Book: The Archaeology of Weapons: Arms and Armour from Prehistory to the Age of Chivalry Early Wood Lathes Interview with Ewart Oakeshott: “Dean of Swords” ArmArt: pattern-welded swords specialist : forged replicas of fully functional swords and edged weapons The Royal Sword Blade Damascene Technique in Metal Working Cleveland Museum of Art – Single-Edged Knife (Scramasax) Damascus USA: The world leader in forged to shape Damascus Welcome to Knife Making Supplies Wholesalesword: Great Quality Daggers,Knives,Swords, etc. Frank Jacobs: Millwright / Welder How Sword Making Works How to make an helmet wearable? Fenris Forge: Blades & Blacksmithing Modifying the TimeTarts British Sword Iron Age Armoury Working With Bone Manning Imperial is a premier manufacturer of historical reproductions. Interview with Bill Moran by Larry Connelley Peter Johnsson – smith and sword-maker Nice lady.  Set me straight on a few issues.  You’ll like her. University of Bradford – Making Knowledge Work Knifemaking instruction videos on DVD : Learn Knifemaking Dan Watson, Steel: The Spirit of the Blade Swords and weapons of all types Viking Swords The Key Role of Impurities in Ancient Damascus Steel Blades Viking sword 10th-11th Century with five lobed pommel The Leading Edge of Knife Discussion Nice article on “damascus” shotgun barrels. Southern California Knife Collector’s Club Fossile Ivory for Artisans and Craftsmen The Chiseler’s Art Condor Tools & Knives: Knives Welcome to Reva Forge – Home of Red St. Cyr, ABS Mastersmith This is Hank Reinhart’s outfit. Swords and Knives – Swords from Museum Replicas Comes in handy for japanese and scottish grips. For those going the extra mile in sheaths, and scabbards. Albion is a leader in high carbon period swords and Armour. Admiral Steel – Product Catalogs SWORDS.ORG: The web of the SWORDS Power hammers.

Text copyright Robert P. Shyan-Norwalt 2006

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