Have a nice bath

“Have a nice bath” bids this all-gold smalti piece, for a new and sophisticated bathroom. Given free rein in choice of subjects, I took a cue from the honey-hued Italian marble on the walls. In a book on ancient Roman life I found this tiny photo from an old Roman public bath, and used it as my inspiration. Six shades of gold Orsoni smalti, on concrete backing board, 9″ tall x 9″ wide (22.9 cm x 22.9 cm).

Bene Lava Inspiration in a Book

The inspiration for Bene Lava.

Bene Lava Mosaic Cartoon

The Bene Lava cartoon. Here I have drawn my cartoon on tracing paper to the correct dimensions, ready to transfer to the surface of the backer board.

Bene Lava Mosaic

The finished mosaic.

Bene Lava In Situ

The completed “Have a good bath” mosaic on the wall.

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