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Now that you’ve begun to read The Circle of Ceridwen Saga you might want to know how to pronounce the names of the characters. In this video I will help you learn just that.

Here I am on the beautiful Baltic island of Gotland – the setting of The Hall of Tyr and Tindr, Book Five. Click here to see more videos from Gotland.  More stunning photos from this pearl of the Baltic.

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wes thu hal
be whole and hearty, in Old English

The Circle of Ceridwen Saga

Young women with courage. Swords with names. Vikings with tattoos. Warfare. Passion. Survival. Sheep. And Other Good Things…

Set in war-torn 9th century Anglo-Saxon Britain during the worst of the Viking predation, it tells the tale of the coming of age of 15 year old Ceridwen and her struggles to resolve the conflicts of divided political loyalties and the pull between heathen and Christian realms. The Saga continues on the Baltic island of Gotland in Books Four and Five, following Ceridwen and her circle into new challenges and adventures.

The Circle of Ceriowen: Book One of The Circle of Ceriowen Saga
Ceridwen of Kilton: Book Two of The Circle of Ceriowen Saga
The Claiming: Book Three of The Circle of Ceriowen Saga
The Hall of Tyr: Book Four of The Circle of Ceriowen Saga
Tindr: Book Five of The Circle of Ceriowen Saga

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