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Thank you for visiting The following links are amongst those I feel will further enrich your understanding of Anglo-Saxon life, the Vikings, and other (generally) related topics which struck my fancy.

Illustrator Marta Roselló
Marta created the original drawings for The Circle of Ceridwen.  See more of her artwork here.

Reading the Past – blog
Sarah Johnson’s literate and entertaining blog on historical fiction; highly recommended.

Ða Engliscan Gesiðas Home Page
The electronic home of The English Companions – scholarly and entertaining Anglo-Saxon lore.  The 2nd Tuesday of every month there is a members meeting at The Plough, Museum Street, W1 from 19:00 on.  All are welcome!  (Museum Street is across from the British Museum.)

SaxonHouse is the centre for exploring the lost years in the history of Lincolnshire between 500-100AD

Anglos-Saxon Men’s Clothing
Abundant (and historically correct) inspiration for dressing the Anglo-Saxon thegn in your life…

Welcome to the Angelseaxisce Ealdriht Webpage

Medieval Culture



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