For Me Fate Wove This: Book Eight

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Wildswept: Book Seven

First reader reactions:


“I love this book! It take us on the path of Life itself, with all its sorrows, and elations.”

“Maybe the best so far.”

“A saga within the Saga!”

“…A magnificent continuation of Wildswept…”

The Circle of Ceridwen: Book One
Of seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, five have fallen to the invading Vikings. Across this war-torn landscape travels fifteen year old Ceridwen, now thrust into the lives of the conquerors.

Ceridwen of Kilton: Book Two
An uncontrolled passion. A heart-breaking decision. A battle that seals the Fate of all.

The Claiming: Book Three
How long can you fight Fate? How far must you go to claim what is yours?

The Hall of Tyr: Book Four
It is said that every man is haunted by one mistake…

Tindr: Book Five
Tindr is handsome, kind, and the best hunter on the island of Gotland. But he is also deaf. Be at his side as he meets Ceridwen and Sidroc, and in his quest for a woman who can accept, and love him.

Silver Hammer, Golden Cross: Book Six
A Peace which must be defended. A vow which must be broken.

Wildswept: Book Seven
In the conflict between duty versus desire, which will prove the stronger? The fortresses of Kilton and Four Stones face their greatest challenge yet. What binds them together now threatens to tear them apart.

For Me Fate Wove This: Book Eight
Three young people stand together, silhouetted against a darkening sky. One is Hrald of Four Stones. At his side is his sister Ashild. And flanking her is Ceric of Kilton. The bonds of friendship between the two young men are long and deep. And Ashild is linked to them both in ways none of the three can truly imagine.

Sidroc the Dane
A new standalone entry point into The Circle of Ceridwen Saga. A discarded child Fated to become a powerful Jarl – here is the story of Sidroc.

Over 3500 Amazon Five Star Reviews.

The Circle of Ceridwen Saga

Lose yourself in the 9th century.

Circle of Ceridwen Saga & Sidroc The Dane