Sidroc the Dane Audio Book
How The Boy Became A Viking. How The Man Became A Legend.

Sidroc the Dane Audio Book

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Read What Audible Listeners Say:

“Loved it! I wanted to spend all my time with these characters and live in their world, in their souls actually… I wanted it to go on & on!”

“More please, the narrator is just wonderful for this book…this is what great storytelling is all about.”

“Octavia Randolph has once again taken me on a journey so personal and so alive that I could very well have been unknowingly transported into this…Thank goodness Nano Nagle again narrated, as her voice and ability to multi-characterize herself is a true talent not had by many in this literary form.”

“Sidroc is a complex man of honor, ambition, spirituality, and the ability to see the value of each person who crosses his path – friend or foe.”

The thrilling new entry point in the Best Selling Circle of Ceridwen Saga. Narrated by Audie Award Nominated London Actress Nano Nagle.

A discarded child Fated to become a powerful Jarl – here is the story of Sidroc.

More than a lust for silver drives young adventurers to risk their lives to go a-viking. Meet cousins Sidroc and Toki, bound by blood but as unalike as night and day, and Yrling, their uncle, who trains his nephews in the ways of the warrior. Join them on the perilous crossing of the North Sea, which stands between them and the plunder they seek.

Once on the great island of Angle-land, hard fighting awaits, through which Sidroc rises to second in command in the war-band headed by Yrling. Then, at their captured Saxon stronghold, comes the young woman for whom Sidroc will one day change his life…

Dovetailing into Book One of The Circle of Ceridwen Saga, Sidroc the Dane is a book to be savoured at any point on the journey.

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